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Last updated:15 August 2018

Images from our Spanish Civil War collection

In spring/summer 2018 we were delighted to work with English and Politics students from the University of Salford on a collaborative project, Invisible Histories – seeing the hidden, hearing the unheard.  This project, funded by a grant from the Salford Advantage Fund, focused on the Library’s amazing collections relating to the Spanish Civil War, which include posters, photographs, sketches, and letters from men from Greater Manchester who went out to fight to defend the Republican government against the fascist army of General Franco.  The project funding enabled us to have professionally digitised a wide range of archive material relating to the Spanish Civil War, and student volunteers supplemented this by learning new skills around selecting and digitising material.  Students also researched and responded to the material in a range of creative ways, from blog postings to poetry.

Here are just a few of the images that have been digitised as part of the project.

Poster - Manchester Foodship for Spain depot


Syd Booth watercolour - A hero

Painted 1982. Ref: FRAMED/492

Poster - Camarada presenta


Poster - They face famine in Spain

Produced by National Joint Committee for Spanish Relief, London. Designed by Felicity Ashbee. Ref: POSTER/EVT/SPAIN/0027



Group of children giving a Republican salute


Poster - Help Spain's refugees

Ref: Reference POSTER/EVT/SPAIN/0003

Poster - refugee children being cared for

Issued by the Ministry of Public Instruction. Ref: POSTER/EVT/SPAIN/0006

Poster - teaching soldiers to read and write

Issued by the Ministry of Public Instruction, Valencia. Artist: Alvaro Ponsa. Ref: POSTER/EVT/SPAIN/0012

Shelters at a refugee camp


Poster - milk tokens


Poster - They face famine in Spain

Designed by Felicity Ashbee. Ref: POSTER/EVT/SPAIN/0018

Spain needs milk

Handwritten note on the back of a poster. Ref: POSTER/EVT/SPAIN/0115.

Postcard - French refugee camp


Poster - Ayuda a Madrid


Republican soldiers, Valencia Art Gallery

The exhibits are said to be works rescued from the palace of Liria, Madrid. Ref: IMG/EVT/SPAIN/002

Poster - Medical Aid to Spain

Illustration by Edward McKnight Kauffer. Published by Spanish Medical Aid Committee, London. Ref: POSTER/EVT/SPAIN/0015

Syd Booth watercolour - She saw him fall

Painted 1982. Ref: FRAMED/392

Postcard - refugees on border with Gibraltar

August 1936.  Ref: IMG/EVT/SPAIN/080

Photo - possibly Sietamo, Aragon Front