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Last updated:10 March 2015


Chumbawamba: 1982 - 2012

"If I Can't Dance To It, It's Not My Revolution"

Emma Goldman

Cover of the programme of the joint Chumbawamba, Red Ladder production of Riot, rebellion and bloody insurrection

Riot, rebellion and bloody insurrection

Chumbawamba were an English group who started out playing punk rock but over a 30-year career went on to play music in a wide range of style - including pop influenced by dance music, world music, and acoustic folk music. The band's collective political views were broadly anarchist..

For an extended history please go to

The band's own Web site can still be found at

Former Chumbawamba member Alice Nutter kindly brought in to the Library a large collection of the band's work  which is listed below. We welcome donations of other relevant material about the band.


Portraits of Anarchists, photographs by Casey Orr (published and distributed as a CD by One Little Indian, 1996)

SIC Adventures on Anti-Capitalism (published by Book Press, 2002)

Title Year Record Label
English Rebel Songs 1381 -1914 1994 One Little Indian
Anarchy 1994 One Little Indian
Swingin' with Raymond 1994 One Little Indian
Chumbawamba live
1994 EMI
Noam Chomsky - Capital Rules/ Showbusiness Live (double CD) 1997 Mutual Aid Recordings/AK Press
Tubthumper 1997 EMI
Uneasy Listening (double CD)
A Collection of Stuff From 1986-1998
1998 EMI
The ABCs of Anarchism (with Negativland) 1999 Seeland
Readymades 2002 Mutt Records
Title Date Record label
Timebomb 1993 EMI
Ugh! Your Ugly Houses 1995 One Little Indian
Tubthumping 1997 EMI
Tony Blair December 1999 (Not for sale) n/a
Enough is enough (kick it over) 2000 (Not for Sale) n/a
She's Got All The Friends That Money Can Buy 2000 EMI
Her Majesty
(anti jubilee)
May 2002 (Not For Sale) n/a
Tracks on other CDs
Track CD date/label
Don't Try This At Home Free Mumia Now n/a
Bella Ciao Article 14 n/a
Without reason or rhyme (acoustic version) The Prison Literature Project Benefit n/a
Homophobia (live version) Harvey Milk Institute 1998/timmi-kat


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