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Last updated:10 March 2015



Exhibition 'Labour's special relationship: connections between the British and American labour movements from the nineteenth century until today'

A travelling exhibition from the TUC Library will explore one of the most important – and yet one of the least examined – parts of the international workers’ movement. Exhibitions are open Wed-Fri 1-5pm, and the first Sat of most months 10am-4pm.


Radical Readings 3 - 'Suffer the little children'

The Working Class Movement Library is proud to present another in its series of Radical Readings fundraising events, this time introducing some of our younger supporters and readers as well as a couple of stalwarts. This year's show consists of accounts, stories and poems by and about the children who worked...


Marie Stopes: reluctant Mancunian, sexual revolutionary, birth control pioneer

We mark the centenary of Marie Stopes’s controversial Married love, first published on 26 March 1918, with a talk and readings from her work by Clare Debenham.   Marie Stopes was the first woman science lecturer appointed to the University of Manchester.  She was a reluctant Mancunian although Manchester featured...


Chartism Drop In Day: Ernest Jones and Chartism

As part of our Voting for Change project with the People’s History Museum, you can come and see some of the exciting newly acquired objects that help both organisations better tell the history of the fight for the vote.  The focus will be Chartism and its demands for political...


Protest: stories of resistance

To coincide with the anniversary of The National Blind March and a centenary of a number of women getting the vote, WCML welcomes contributors from the Comma Press anthology Protest: stories of resistance, twenty stories by twenty authors which reimagine key moments of British history from 1381 to the...


Cover up and collusion: understanding the tragic history of asbestos

Marking Workers’ Memorial Day, a talk by Geofrey Tweedale.  The devastating legacy of asbestos will be with us for many years to come; yet the dangers of the mineral have been recognised for over a century.  The historical record shows that for decades government, industry, and medicine endorsed the...


Exhibition: The power of unity - 150 years of the TUC

In 1868 at the Mechanics' Institute in Manchester a meeting took place that became the first successful attempt to bring together the trades unions. This exhibition celebrates 150 yearsof the Trades Union Congress and looks at the continuing need for unions now. Exhibitions are open Wednesdays to Fridays 1-5pm,...


Ninth annual Frow Lecture

The ninth annual Frow Lecture, in honour of the Library's founders, will be given by Shirin Hirsch, Research Fellow in History, University of Wolverhampton, and is entitled In the shadow of Enoch Powell: race, class and resistance. It is fifty years since Enoch Powell made his ‘Rivers of Blood’...


Film - Socialists, Suffragists, Pacifists and Cyclists! The Last Clarion House

This short film is a mix of oral testimonies and archive footage made by the Clapham Film Unit and local volunteers. It is a moving and profound testament to the early socialist, suffrage and pacifist pioneers in Nelson and their enduring legacy in national and local politics.   Ali Ronan will...