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Last updated:23 April 2015

Ceramics workers' unions

Ceramic and Allied Trades Union (CATU)

A brief timeline

1906 - National Amalgamated Society of Male and Female Pottery Workers formed. Merged with several pottery unions.Ceramic and Allied Trades Union badge
1908 - Associated Stoneware Throwers, Bristol Stone Potters Society and Operative Pottery Engravers joined.
1919 - changed name to National Society of Pottery Workers.
1921 - Packers' Society and United Ovenmen's Society joined.
1970 - changed name to Ceramic and Allied Trades Union (CATU).
2006 - changed name to Unity.

Unity still exists today, click here to visit their web site.


Ceramics' union archives in our collection

Ceramic and Allied Trades Union (TU/CERAMIC)

  • Minutes of the National Executive Council, annual delegation and committees
  • Finances - cash and payment books
  • Newspaper cutting books
  • Membership returns
  • Wage agreements and price lists
  • Other papers including correspondence, legal cases and World War Two and the pottery industry
  • Files of papers relating to difference trade and occupational groups in the ceramics industry, including cup handlers, saggar makers, stoneware, flat pressers and decorators.

Search the Library catalogue

Click here to download a list of Ceramic companies referred to in the Ceramic and Allied Trades Union Collection (PDF, 44kb)

Resources about ceramics' unions in the Library

Frank Burchill, Richard Ross and Ceramic and Allied Trades Union, A history of the potters' union  (1977) - Shelfmark: B34
WH Warburton, The history of trade union organisation in the North Staffordshire Potteries (1931) - Shelfmark: B28

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