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Unite the Union

The merger between the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union (AEEU) and Manufacturing, Science and Finance Union (MSF) in 2001 created Amicus, which was followed by mergers with the Union for the Finance Industry (UNIFI) and Graphical, Paper and Media Union (GPMU).   In 2007, Amicus merged with the Transport and General Workers Union to form Unite the union.

Unite logoAs a general union Unite has 21 sectors listed on its Web site, which are as diverse as Ministry of Defence and other government departments, community youth work, food drink and tobacco, and rural and agricultural, as well as the more mainstream sections such as civil air transport and manufacturing. In this respect its structure resembles the former TGWU.

Originally the discussions for merger that led to Unite the Union included not just Amicus and the TGWU but the GMB as well. However the GMB Conference voted not to continue the discussions for merger, which took place in 2007.

Unite states that it is the trade union with the largest membership in the UK. The union seeks to maintain contact with its members thorugh its 11 regional offices which includes one in Gibraltar!

As with the TGWU, Unite is a campaigning trade union and is running campaigns on such topics as Save Our NHS, the Robin Hood Tax, International Workers' Memorial Day, workfare, and the living wage.

Its credentials for being inclusive are supported by Unite Equalities which gives members the opportunity to let the union know if they feel that they are not being treated equally either at work or in society and particualrly if they are suffering from discrimination, harrassment or bullying.

The Library is keen to collect material from Unite nationally, regionally and locally - please contact us at enquiries @ wcml.org.uk to find out more about the sort of thing we collect.